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Piggy Free- Minion Banana Rush


Shoot bananas with Piggy, while monster minions are rushing in. Defeat the fire spitting endboss dragon in this bananas throwing, endless runner game. Features: * It's a FREE kids game, no hidden costs or in-app purchases* Endless runner app while throwing boomerangs, shaped like yellow fruit* No internet needed. No Wifi? No Problem, this app works offline, too.* Simple controlls; use one finger touch to move and shoot with the hero pig* Very addictive endless running, super cool avoiding and shooting game* Nice music that keeps you pumped for the action* Small install size, low storage. App fits in the under 25 MB category (only 19 MB)* Lots of yellow plantains to throw (other word for banana) * Cute graphics of the pink boar piggie and mutant minion aliens * One tiny banner in the corner and optional videos to watch, for free epic Mega Bananas power ups
FREE GAME and safe for kids. How far can you run in this endless running game? On a strange green alien planet, a real minions paradise, mr pig is attacked by bad wacky rushing minion creatures. They are transformed into balloon shaped mutants. Hit them with boomerang shaped yellow fruit and they stop to rush and disappear. But, uh oh, more of them are coming! And the dragon boss is waiting for the piglet, too. Collect coins, avoid muddy lava pools, use special powers and throw yellow boomerang fruit. This is a smashing adventure for everyone that you'll like to play over and over again This free banana running game is kinda addictive :). Epic and endless action for the children's funbrain:
TAP OR HOLD the screen to move and shoot. Flip bananas at the mutant minion rush in and keep moving. Don't step into the red lava muddy puddles. The end boss dragon is spitting fire balls, so watch out and fling your fruit at him. Keep shooting the yellow plantains to put the evil dragon to sleep. Keep running and collecting as many coins as you can to get a new high score. If the adorable piglets gets hit twice, he'll sit on the ground, but no problem, just start over and retry.
SPECIAL POWERS:- MEGA Banana! Throw at the minion rush to wipe them all out. Very powerful, use it wisely.- Banana Kong Power-Up: pig can cast 2 extra lanes of bananas at once, 1 straight line and 2 diagonal lines- Blue Bubble Invulnerability: no crazy minion or lava pool can harm the cute boar. - Sonic Arrow Barrier: removes anything that crosses it's path
PIGGY is very nicely drawn from simple doodles in a colorful paradise. The bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds go well together with the green planet and the orange, green and blue alien minions creatures. The game contains cool sound samples and an awesome catchy music track for hours of enjoyment. Oink! There is a toggle to switch the sound off, just in case. Amazing endless arcade game. The little boar is really cute in his pink and banana yellow shirt and the alien minions aren't despicable either. Do you like funny games with minions and dragons? Men and women, boys and girls; this adventure runner is suitable for the whole republic. Mummies and daddies: have epic quality time with your children. Did you know piggies are very smart?
Piggy free games that are fun but are small in app size, can be played without internet. No WiFi needed. No problem. They are small in size and only use small storage space. Without in-app purchases.
Have fun with the epic cool endless runner game: Piggy - Minions Banana Rush! Of of the coolest google play games of 2016 with minions. Great childrens game for 5 to 7 year olds.
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